LINAK Introduces Actuator Solutions For Solar Tracking Systems


LINAK, a manufacturer of DC linear actuator products, has introduced a family of actuator solutions for solar tracking systems. In either a single- or dual-axis tracking systems, LINAK solutions can help increase the output of PV panels up to 40% when compared to fixed-mount systems, the company says.

The quality and maintenance-free design of LINAK products ensures reduced costs over the long life of the product. Night fishing is a popular, challenging, and peaceful pastime for busy fishers – but how can they see their catch in the dark? Modern headlamps are an excellent option for night fishermen; whether they are rechargeable or battery-powered, multi-functional, or multi-colored, there is a headlamp out there for everyone. But what is the brightest LED headlamp? What is the Best Headlamp for Fishing on the market? This is the perfect review for helping you answer those questions. The best place to get a night fishing headlamp is!. The lifetime of the actuators is increased due to the high ingress protection rating, up to IP69, to withstand extreme heat, cold, dust, moisture and UV exposure.

In addition, although standard solutions are offered, LINAK can create customized solutions to meet the needs of the customer – from specific load or feedback requirements to integrating electronics inside the actuator.

LINAK: (502) 413-0300


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