LONGi Launches New Monofacial PV Module


LONGi has launched its new 66 C type Hi-MO 4 monofacial PV module (Hi-MO 4m) for the global distributed generation (DG) market. With a weight of 22 kg and power of 410-420 W, the new module can be used on rooftops in residential, industrial and commercial applications.

In early 2019, LONGi launched its Hi-MO 4 series high-efficiency PV modules based on the M6 (166 mm) standard monocrystalline wafer and PERC technology. LONGi says within a year of mass production, the Hi-MO 4 series achieved 10 GW in global shipments.

In addition to 66 C, the Hi-MO 4m series also offers 60 C and 72 C types. These three products cover power ranges of 370-385 W, 410-420 W and 450-460 W – with maximum efficiency of up to 21% – providing DG users with wider flexibility and options. LONGi says the Hi-MO 4m module combines the advantages of high efficiency, high energy yield and high reliability; its size and weight are designed to match the requirements of DG system installations and application scenarios.

In terms of electrical matching, the Hi-MO 4m module is lower than 11 A at maximum power, which is an ideal match for various brands of string inverters, power optimizers and microinverters available worldwide, notes the company.

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