Maxeon, Omnidian Team Up to Increase Direct Solar Panel Sales in the U.S.


As part of an expanded sales initiative in the U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) solar market, Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd. will sell Maxeon-branded IBC solar panels together with a performance assurance product from Omnidian. This partnership expands upon Maxeon’s existing presence in the U.S. utility-scale solar power plant business. 

Omnidian, a provider of comprehensive protection and performance assurance plans for solar systems, will bundle one year of Omnidian’s Shield Plan with commercial systems larger than 250 kW sold by Maxeon. Omnidian will also offer the option to extend coverage for multiple years. As part of this collaboration, Omnidian will facilitate access for Maxeon to Omnidian’s existing U.S. customer base to quickly expand Maxeon’s C&I market footprint.

“We are truly pleased to partner with Omnidian to widen our presence in the growing U.S. distributed generation commercial and industrial solar market,” states Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. “With responsibility for the oversight of over 1,800 MW of U.S. solar capacity, Omnidian is a formidable and pioneering force in the industry and has gained extensive expertise in protecting and accelerating investments in clean energy. The combination of their commercial performance guarantee with the proven superior reliability of our solar panels will enhance system bankability and improve our customers’ return on investment.”

Omnidian’s Shield Plan for Maxeon systems above 250 kW will include comprehensive system protection, preventive maintenance, covered corrective maintenance, professional monitoring and a cash-back performance guarantee on up to 95% of forecasted energy. Omnidian’s support includes 24/7 continuous monitoring, proactive service alerts and intelligent system diagnostics. Omnidian real-time symptom detection technology works around the clock to precisely identify underperformance and each underlying root cause.

In the real world, multiple conditions overlap, such as hardware failure, shading, soiling or weather-related underperformance. Omnidian pinpoints the impact of each, coordinates remediation and confirms resolution. Together with Maxeon’s modules, Omnidian’s proprietary technology integrates with major monitoring platforms, surveilling individual installations to ensure they meet baseline performance requirements, and quickly identifies underperforming assets requiring field service dispatch.

Subject to customary conditions and exclusions, Omnidian’s cash-back performance guarantee transfers certain solar energy generation risks away from the solar asset owner – including weather risk. “We are proud of the partnership with Maxeon as an industry leader with a long-standing reputation for best-in-class solar panel performance and reliability” says Mark Liffmann, CEO and co-founder of Omnidian. “An in-depth analysis of the degradation of Maxeon IBC panels revealed a significantly lower rate of degradation relative to other manufacturers enabling us to offer plans with lower degradation under this partnership…We are addressing performance risk during the commercial solar purchase decision and giving asset owners Solar Without Fear.”

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