MiaSolé Solar Module Passes Damage Tests With Flying Colors


MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp., a California-based manufacturer of lightweight, thin-film photovoltaic solar modules and a subsidiary of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, has announced multiple improvements in its module design for extreme conditions.

The MiaSolé CIGS thin-film solar modules offer durability with a combination of shingled flexible solar cells, reverse bias protection diodes and a polymeric flexible front sheet.

MiaSolé flexible modules achieve more than three times the levels for accelerated stress required by the IEC, the company claims. Additionally, the modules are resilient to sources of penetrative damage, and damaged modules remain operational even after years of continued outdoor use.

To demonstrate the durability of the modules, a MiaSolé solar module was subjected to multiple penetrative .23-caliber gunshot rounds and showed only a 5% reduction in power initially and a total of 12% loss over two years of outdoor exposure after damage.

“What this test demonstrates is that the MiaSolé flexible module is amazingly resilient,” says Mike Ma, vice president of global business development, sales and marketing at MiaSolé. “While a silicon module would have shattered on impact, the MiaSolé module continued to produce a substantial amount of power even years later. This ability, combined with the MiaSolé module’s thin profile, flexibility and ease of installation makes its advantage over silicon solar panels obvious for rugged applications and extreme conditions.”

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