Midsummer, Soprasolar Collaborate on Integrating PV Panels into Roofing Materials


Sweden-based Midsummer has entered into a collaboration with Soprasolar to integrate Midsummer’s thin-film solar panels into Soprasolar roof membranes.

Soprasolar, a Soprema subsidiary, says that with this collaboration, it will be able to offer panels to customers whose roofs cannot withstand the weight of the silicon panel product the company also offers.

“The market is huge for solar cell-integrated roof material solutions that can be installed even on weaker roofs, which is the case in most of the world’s countries with roofs that do not have to withstand the weight of snow,” says Eric Jaremalm, CEO of Midsummer. 

“We are very happy and full of anticipation about the collaboration with this European construction giant, which can open up a previously unexploited market for solar cells on low load-bearing roofs. It can create a new European industry and at the same time potentially increase the share of solar energy in the European electricity mix.”

With certifications finalized, Soprasolar will market the joint solution to customers in France and other targeted countries where roofs from Soprema are offered.

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