MN8 Energy Sources 457 MW of PV Modules from First Solar


MN8 Energy has ordered 170 MW of Series 6 Plus bifacial modules and 287 MW of Series 7 modules from First Solar, for use in projects across the northeastern and southern U.S.

MN8 previously transacted with First Solar in their acquisition of the 123 MW American Kings Solar project in California.

“We are pleased to continue our relationship with First Solar, building certainty and resilience into our development pipeline,” says David Fernandez, chief operations officer at MN8. 

“By executing these agreements, MN8 demonstrates strong support for developing a robust domestic supply chain for the U.S. renewable industry that upholds the highest environmental, sourcing and manufacturing standards. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with a partner that shares our commitment to responsibly and domestically produced solar, strengthening our industry’s social license to operate.”

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