Montgomery County DPS Launches eSolar Process


Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) has launched eSolar, an automated permitting application meant to streamline the permitting process for residential rooftop solar systems by approved installers. 

The program integrates app approved third-party certified documents for the solar systems through DPS’ ePlans. 

“Montgomery County is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and encourages everyone to invest in renewable and sustainable energy sources,” says Marc Elrich, Montgomery County county executive. 

“eSolar is a win for Montgomery County homeowners who plan to add solar panels to their residential rooftops. Instead of applications sitting in a queue waiting for approval, this automated permitting tool will expedite reviews, reducing delays and streamlining the permitting process. This will save time and less waiting leads to more solar on rooftops and a greener Montgomery County.”

Licensed contractors are eligible for the program with a valid Maryland Home Improvement Commission license. Projects must conform with the eligibility checklist that is posted on the DPS website. 

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