NanoFlex Power, True Metal Solutions Develop New Solar Technology


NanoFlex Power Corp. (NFP), a developer of photovoltaic technology, and True Metal Solutions (TMS), a cladding fabricator and installer, have entered into a joint development agreement to integrate organic photovoltaic (OPV) thin-film material with cladding for building exteriors.

The project aims to change the construction trade by allowing buildings to generate power using OPV cladding that is scalable, easy to install, visually appealing and transitions buildings toward zero-net energy use, says TMS.

“The efficient energy-producing capability of NFP’s OPV, combined with improved aesthetic over conventional photovoltaic material, makes building integrated OPV appealing to building owners, general contractors and architects,” says Eric Stiller, owner and managing partner of TMS. “Compared with silicon-based photovoltaics, which use hazardous inorganic materials, organic photovoltaic materials are less toxic, easier for crews to handle and install, and environmentally sustainable, further making NFP’s technology appealing to the construction industry.”

True Metal Solutions is headquartered in Phoenix. The company designs, builds and installs exterior cladding for architects, owners and general contractors.

NFP’s goal is to develop efficient thin-film technology for use in the solar market.  They operate out of Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Photo: A building with True Metal Solutions single skin cladding

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