New Collaborative Helps States Reach Clean Energy Goals


The nonprofit Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) has launched the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative, a new initiative to provide critical information-sharing and knowledge-transfer among states that have established 100% clean energy goals for their electricity sectors. 

The rapid adoption of aggressive clean energy targets by states has been one of the most important energy and climate change policy developments of the past few years; 14 states plus the District of Columbia have now set such goals. The new collaborative will create a forum for those states to cooperate on program development in order to speed progress toward achieving the states’ targets.

“The extraordinary momentum for 100 percent clean energy that is unfolding across the U.S. presents an important opportunity,” says David Hochschild, California Energy Commission chair.

“The more states collaborate on strategies, policies and regulations to support the 100 percent vision, the greater the likelihood of success. That is why I strongly support this new forum for states engaged in the 100 percent clean energy vision,” he adds.  

To achieve 100% clean electricity economically while ensuring equitable benefits and maintaining grid reliability will require careful implementation and attention to technical, institutional and policy challenges. CESA, as a coalition of state agencies working to advance clean energy, is suited to manage a new collaborative platform for states.

The primary participants in the collaborative will be state officials with responsibilities for achieving 100% goals and policymakers in other states that are considering establishing similar goals. Through the collaborative, participants will share program insights and learning, engage with analysts who are studying solutions to technical challenges and participate in collaborative meetings by teleconference and in person. 

For more information about the collaborative, click here.  

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