New Texas Power Pool Allows Public Entities To Use Aggregated Renewables


Texas Energy Aggregation, an independently owned electricity consultant, has announced the formation of the Texas Power Pool, a new power purchasing option for Texas public entities to use aggregated renewable energy.

Texas Power Pool services include competitive procurement of utility-scale renewables and on-site solar for state agencies, higher education, cities, independent school districts, water districts and other public entities across Texas, including cooperative and municipal utility regions. The services are enabled by a Texas Comptroller’s Statewide Procurement Division contract awarded to Texas Energy Aggregation. Interested public entities can learn more from the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO).

“Faced with budget shortfalls, public entities are now aggressively seeking new ways to reduce costs,” says TJ Ermoian, president of Texas Energy Aggregation.

The Texas Comptroller’s Statewide Procurement Division, with the assistance of SECO, issued a request for proposals for electricity sourcing services that included renewable power purchase agreements. Through a competitive bidding process, the comptroller’s office selected the Waco-based Texas Energy Aggregation to offer electricity procurement services. SECO was later involved with Texas Energy Aggregation in naming these services the Texas Power Pool. Texas Energy Aggregation is working in partnership with the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

“Power purchasing in Texas has changed, but not so much for public entities,” explains Ermoian. “Wind and solar are the new disruptors to the energy industry, offering the lowest-priced generation, but it takes specialized experience and aggregated loads to achieve the scale necessary to get below three cents per kilowatt-hour. We are exceptionally fortunate to have the help and support of SECO and RMI.”

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