New Trade Association Promotes Solar, Energy Storage In Puerto Rico


The Solar and Energy Storage Association of Puerto Rico (SESA-PR) recently announced its formation with several industry partners, as well as its inaugural conference.

SESA-PR is an association representing Puerto Rico’s solar and energy storage industries. The group plans to promote solar and storage for the energy needs of Puerto Rico and for empowering individual Puerto Ricans during the rebuilding after Hurricane Maria, through the next hurricane and for the long term. Founding members include companies such as New Energy, Pura Energía, SRInergy, Windmar, Sunrun, Tabuchi and Sonnen.

Together, SESA-PR and partners will be hosting the inaugural SESA Puerto Rico Energy Summit on June 25-26. The conference will focus on the future of energy for the island and provide perspectives from solar, energy storage, government, finance and economic development.

“At this crucial moment for Puerto Rico, we are calling on the people to join this effort that aims to guide and educate around the use of solar energy to reduce dependence on the traditional electrical system,” says Patrick James Wilson, president of SESA-PR. “We have assembled a group of experts who will participate in a broad discussion on the future of energy on the island and share their perspectives from various sectors such as government, finance and economic development.”

“I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Our electric grid was broken when I was growing up and is obviously in even worse condition today,” adds Alejandro Uriarte, director of SESA-PR and managing partner at New Energy Consultants. “Rebuilding after the hurricanes provides our island with a unique opportunity to upgrade our grid using better, more reliable technology like solar and battery storage that can make Puerto Rico an energy leader in the United States and across the world.”

SESA-PR says it strives to bring awareness and understanding of solar and battery technology to both government policymakers and the public, as well as facilitate collectively beneficial collaboration and good business practices within the industry. ​​​​

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Laura Castillo
Laura Castillo

Sorry for the late reply. You may fill out our application to join the association at

joseph barrella
joseph barrella

We would like to join your association and contribute to energy storage and solar project developments in PR.
How can Tianshi Americas Inc. and XO Genesis Energy Inc. join
joe Barrella president 1833 TIANSHI, 1833 88 XOGEN