NexTechFAS Introduces Solar Inspection And Extrusion Deposition Tools

NexTechFAS has unveiled two new products for use in the manufacture of solar panels – PVScan, an automated optical inspection (AOI) tool, and PVAdvantage, an extrusion deposition tool.

PVScan is an AOI system designed specifically for solar panel defect inspection, covering panel pattern, particle and overall process defects. NexTechFAS says its imaging, illumination and image processing technology facilitates the identification of a wide spectrum of solar panel defects.

PVAdvantage utilizes high-performance extrusion-type deposition of photovoltaic materials, including deposition of organic or inorganic solution-based materials. It is available for material deposition on a variety of flexible or rigid panel sizes, from G2 to G8.

NexTechFAS: (512) 833-0740



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