Nextracker, Unimacts Announce Second Nevada Solar Factory


Nextracker and Unimacts have jointly announced plans for a new factory in the Las Vegas area.

This would be the second Nextracker-dedicated manufacturing line that Unimacts has opened in the last year, with their 160,000 square-foot facility in Sloan, Nev., producing steel torque tubes used to hold and rotate PV panels in solar power plants. 

The two factories would be expected to support 2 GW of new solar power each year, says the company.

“American manufacturing has quickly become the heartbeat of the clean energy revolution,” adds Dan Shugar, founder and CEO of Nextracker. 

“There is a trifecta of perfect conditions for this manufacturing renaissance: a terrific workforce, a great localized clean steel industry and strong demand for renewable energy. Over the last three years, Nextracker has operationalized over 20 factories, catalyzing thousands of jobs. This is what growth and scaling look like.”

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