NorthWestern Seeking Renewable Generation RFPs in Montana


NorthWestern Energy has issued a Community Renewable Energy Project (CREP) request for proposals (RFP) seeking additional small renewable generation owned or developed by Montana residents or Montana companies. NorthWestern will run this RFP with an extended timeline to prepare and submit proposals in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the renewable development community.

The CREP requirement was established as part of the Montana Renewable Portfolio to promote the development of small renewable projects by in-state owners.

NorthWestern estimates its CREP need to be between 25 MW and 30 MW of additional installed capacity. This RFP preferentially seeks proposals with targeted commercial operation dates of 2021, although projects with later dates are welcome and will be considered.

Proposals must meet all CREP criteria established by Montana statute and administered by the Montana Public Service Commission. The criteria include limitations on project size ownership structures and required renewable attributes. Selected proposals must also deliver a cost-effective resource for NorthWestern electric utility customers.

Responses are requested from Montana developers, landowners, energy companies and businesses. NorthWestern is not seeking proposals for non-CREP renewable energy projects, unbundled renewable energy credits or non-renewable resources with this RFP.

Proposals will be due on Aug. 20, with a finalist selection expected on Oct. 1.

Information related to the CREP RFP can be found here.  

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