OutBack Power Systems Releases FLEXmax 60 Charge Controller


OutBack Power Systems Inc. has introduced the FLEXmax 60, a new addition to the FLEXmax family of charge controllers that features continuous maximum power point tracking technology to optimize solar energy harvest and increase total power production.

‘The new FLEXmax 60 delivers the same reliability and familiar aesthetic of the MX60, while improving on performance and offering many feature additions and improvements that our customers have requested,’ says Mark Thomas, CEO and president of OutBack Power Systems.

FLEXmax 60 incorporates key features from the FLEXmax 80, introduced late last year, including an expanded 128 days of data logging with clear information and statistics on solar array performance for accurate usage and enhanced user experience, as well as full integration into OutBack's proprietary internal network.

The company says the product's durable aluminum construction and reliable functionality ensure consistent performance in extreme climates, delivering a full 60 amps of power output at 40 degrees C. Also, an improved user interface offers easier installation and can be set up via both English- and Spanish-language menus. FLEXmax 60 has a maximum NEC Recommended Solar Array STC Nameplate of 3,000 W at the common battery voltage of 48 VDC.

OutBack Power Systems: (360) 435-6030

SOURCE: OutBack Power Systems

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