Oxford PV Releases Residential Solar Module with Record-Setting Efficiency


Oxford PV says it has achieved a record in solar efficiency with a 60-cell residential-size module, produced with the company’s perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells. 

The company adds that it had reached a 26.9% efficiency, compared to current best silicon modules of approximately 25% with a similar designated module area. The double-glass module has a 1.6 m2 designated area, weighs 25 kg and is aimed at residential applications. 

“Oxford PV’s record-setting module represents a significant advancement for solar power generation,” says David Ward, CEO of Oxford PV.

“Homeowners along with commercial and utility customers will all benefit from upwards of 20% more power with the same footprint. Not only does this save installation costs, it also speeds up the decarbonization journey and can contribute to the global energy transition in a meaningful way.” 

Oxford PV produces the tandem solar cells at its manufacturing facility in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. 

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