PPP-E Denies Validity Of GT Solar Lawsuit Claims


Following a recent lawsuit filed by GT Solar against PPP Equipment Corp. (PPP-E) vice president Fabrizio Goi for improper disclosure of confidential information, PPP-E has issued a statement contending that the allegations are ‘false and baseless.’

The lawsuit, which was filed in New Hampshire U.S. District Court on June 20, charges Goi with improper disclosure to PPP-E of proprietary and confidential information that he allegedly received from GT Solar.

Lanny J. Davis, an attorney with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, has noted that Goi visited GT Solar's office in Merrimack, N.H., about two years ago. ‘It is our understanding that neither during that single, one-day visit in August 2006, or on any other occasion, was proprietary or confidential proprietary information from GT Solar imparted or disclosed to others by Mr. Goi,’ Davis says.

Davis further warned that GT Solar may be opening itself to potential liability to PPP-E for tortious interference with PPP-E's customers and said he is confident that the case will be dismissed or fail on the merits.


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