REC Group Launches the Alpha Series Solar Panel


REC Group, an international solar energy company, says it has started to produce the 72-cell REC Alpha Series solar panel. 

The company claims the REC Alpha 72 Series will be the world’s most powerful 72-cell panel available on the market, reaching 450 Wp with a module efficiency of 21.3%, ensuring higher energy yields to drive down solar electricity generation costs.

The production start follows REC’s successful launch of the world’s most powerful 60-cell solar panel in 2019.

“Our goal is to empower consumers with the best solar technology. And we know that only with big leaps, energy transitions across the globe can thrive. The REC Alpha 72 Series is a crucial tool for businesses and communities to do exactly this and gain energy autonomy,” says Steve O’Neil, CEO of REC Group.

The REC Alpha 72 Series, which combines heterojunction cell technology with advanced interconnection technology, is suited for the commercial and industrial rooftop segment and ground-mount installations with space restrictions.

Weighing only 23.6 kg, REC’s high-end module enables easy handling and quicker installation times for installers. The Alpha 72 Series also offers one of the thinnest frames in the solar market, at 30 mm. The thickness of the panels allows for convenient transportation with more panels per pallet and container, which reduces transportation costs.

The Alpha Series solar panels tout innovative technologies for higher energy yields with a patented design:

  • Absence of light-induced degradation (LID) and a low-temperature coefficient.
  • A strong frame design, including support bars, ensuring high performance levels over the installation lifetime.
  • A 25-year warranty, resulting in a minimum of 92% of nameplate power warranted at the end of year 25.
  • The Alpha 72 is also eligible for REC’s ProTrust warranty, which includes a labor warranty and is available to REC Certified Solar Professionals. 

The first rooftop systems have already been installed in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., New Zealand and Japan.

Photo: A REC Group equipped home

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