Rheem Offering Solaraide Solar Water Heating Systems


Rheem Manufacturing Co. is now offering solar water heating systems under the Rheem Solaraide brand. The systems are manufactured by Rheem's Australian subsidiary, Solahart.

Combining a storage tank with one or two collector panels, the passive Solaraide systems operate without pumps or controllers, relying instead on the natural process of convection – also called indirect thermosiphoning – to circulate the heat-transfer fluid.

The systems use a specially developed, freeze-proof heat transfer fluid to absorb and deliver heat energy, even on cold and overcast days, the company says. The fluid also circulates in a closed-loop environment, which further protects against freezing and allows the systems to be used year-round.

Rheem says its Solaraide solar water heaters are offered in two configurations, each carrying a five-year warranty: A 47-gallon system (RS47-21BP), measuring 97.5 inches long and 58.5 inches wide, includes a single collector panel and is designed to provide approximately 45% of the annual hot water requirements of a home with 1.5 baths; and an 80-gallon system (RS80-42BP), measuring 97.5 inches long and 91 inches wide, incorporates two collector panels to meet approximately 58% of the annual hot water requirements of a home with two or three bathrooms.

Both models have been tested and certified for durability, performance and efficiency by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, with the 47-gallon model having received a Solar Energy Factor (SEF) of 1.3 and the 80-gallon model, a 1.5 SEF. These numbers represent the energy delivered by the system, divided by the electrical or gas energy put into the system.

‘These systems are comparatively straightforward to install, taking perhaps a day the first time – and probably less thereafter as the installer gains experience,’ says Jeff Mahoney, Rheem's alternative energy market manager. ‘To mount the system on the roof, all the installer needs is a pipe wrench, a crescent wrench, a hammer, screwdriver and drill.’

Rheem: (334) 260-1500


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