SEIA Adds Alabama To Network Of Regional Partners


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has welcomed the Alabama Solar Industry Association (AlaSIA) as a new SEIA state affiliate.

According to SEIA, the new partnership will help strengthen a growing solar footprint in the Southeast.

SEIA develops strategic partnerships with state and regional advocacy nonprofits, known as SEIA affiliates. These organizations have demonstrated the ability to engage with the local solar industry, lead effective policy and regulatory initiatives, and mobilize grassroots support for SEIA’s federal campaigns, the group says.

“A core pillar of my strategic vision is to open up new markets for our companies, and this partnership in Alabama will help us achieve that vision,” says Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of SEIA. “Alabama has the potential to create a robust solar industry. Alongside AlaSIA, we hope to level the playing field for solar and give Alabama consumers and businesses access to more clean energy options.”

Today, Alabama is home to 283 MW of installed solar electric generating capacity, ranking 26th nationally, according to SEIA.

“Alabama is a national leader for its solar potential, yet only 0.29 percent of its electricity comes from solar,” says Gregory Cox, president of AlaSIA. “By installing more solar and other clean energy technologies, Alabama can add more jobs and achieve lower energy prices, cleaner air and water, and a more resilient power infrastructure that protects our communities.”

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