Sencera Expanding Thin-Film Solar Activity In Charlotte


Sencera International Corp., a manufacturer of thin-film solar modules, is expanding in Charlotte, N.C., through a $36.8 million investment. The company anticipates total manufacturing capacity to exceed 38 MW by 2011.

Sencera develops and manufactures amorphous and microcrystalline thin-film solar modules using its proprietary Viper plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition platform. The company also operates a research and development laboratory serving the solar energy industry.

‘Sencera, a high-tech company performing critical work in the pursuit of alternative energy, is just the kind of prospect we would target,’ says Kit Cramer, vice president of economic development for the Charlotte Chamber. ‘They produce a cutting-edge product using highly skilled labor and are on the forefront of growth in their field.’

SOURCE: Sencera

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