Sense Aims to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Home Energy Insights


Sense says more than 150 new solar installers have joined the company’s Sense Pro partner program over the past year. 

Together, Sense partners have equipped tens of thousands of homes across the country with solar power. New partners include Solgen Power, Pure Energy, Zenernet Solar and Pro Bid Solar, among others. Sense also debuted the new Sense Pro app and a number of hardware and software improvements that streamline installations and help homeowners understand their energy use.

With in-person solar sales challenged by the pandemic, many solar installers are adapting to a remote sales approach. Leveraging the Sense Home Energy Monitor strengthens an online pitch by highlighting the customer experience that can be expected after solar and Sense are installed. 

“Sense partners have found that their customers’ satisfaction increases when homeowners have greater visibility into the whole home energy picture, not just solar production,” says Gabe Abbott, vice president of strategic partnerships at Sense.

“Building a strong foundation for customer satisfaction can lead to higher referrals and lower customer acquisition costs, driving business success even in challenging times,” he adds. 

Referrals from existing customers continue to be an industry focus in order to win new business at a lower cost of customer acquisition. The best time to ask for referrals is after the first utility bill arrives and shows solar savings, but many providers report that customers can be disappointed if their electricity usage exceeds solar production.

The Sense app sets realistic expectations for homeowners and provides engaging, real-time insights into their energy usage and solar production to ensure they realize the savings benefit of going solar.

Photo: Sense has debuted the Sense Pro app that streamlines installations

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