Silicon Genesis Develops PolyMax Solar Wafering Process Technology


Silicon Genesis has successfully produced solar substrates for the PV industry using a kerf-free wafering process technology called PolyMax.

By eliminating sawing losses, the PolyMax equipment set can substantially reduce the amount of polysilicon used within the ingot-to-wafer manufacturing steps and also eliminate some of the costly consumables in today's wafer manufacturing operations, according to the company.

First targeted to process monocrystalline silicon to produce high-efficiency silicon solar cells, the equipment is expected to help the PV industry reach grid parity while simultaneously relaxing the shortage of polysilicon feedstock.

Silicon Genesis has produced 50-micron-thick, full-size 125mm wafer samples utilizing engineering equipment with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. The company plans to start pilot-line operations by the spring of 2009.

‘Our full-sized PV samples have enhanced silicon attributes that dramatically improve wafer and cell processing capabilities,’ says Francois Henley, president and CEO of Silicon Genesis. ‘In addition to saving poly, we found the wafers to be significantly more resistant to breakage, thereby enabling higher cell yields and lowering expensive downstream failures.’

Silicon Genesis: (408) 228-5858

SOURCE: Silicon Genesis

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