Solar Integrated Offering M2 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Product


Solar Integrated Technologies Inc., a provider of building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems, has launched its new M2 product specifically designed for metal roofing applications.

The M2 product is made of flexible thin-film photovoltaic laminates – the same used in Solar Integrated's core BIPV product – that are adhered to lightweight metal substrates for easy and rapid installation directly onto metal roofs, carports and other suitable structures.

The typical M2 product configuration features two UNI-SOLAR flexible amorphous-silicon photovoltaic laminates, with a rated peak output of up to 288 W, adhered to a profiled aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet with a length of 5.6 m, a width of 0.87 m and a sheet thickness of 0.8 mm.

With a weight of only 9 kg/square meter, the M2 product is well-suited for most metal roofing applications, including new construction, re-roofing and retrofit for flat and contoured roofs, with no additional roofing structural requirements. The M2 is fastened to the metal roof with self-drilling screws and a butyl sealing tape.

Solar Integrated: (562) 299-0136

SOURCE: Solar Integrated

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