Solaria Introduces Ultra-High-Power Solar Panels


Solaria Corporation, a provider of advanced solar energy products, has added to its solar product line. Solaria’s new PowerXT 430R-PL (430 W) solar panel features high power density and an optimized form factor. Solaria PowerXT 430R-PL solar panels will be available in March 2022 through solar and electrical distributors in North America. 

“Our customers asked for new solar panel options, greater power output and higher efficiency – and we listened,” says Solaria CEO Tony Alvarez. “The new PowerXT 430R-PL solar panel delivers high powerwith our patented Pure Black design and lowest weight per square foot. Additionally, the PowerXT 430R-PL is optimized for next-generation module level power electronics (MLPE), including Enphase IQ7A and SolarEdge P505.”

“We know our installer partners will appreciate a solar panel that’s easier to handle, transport and deploy,” continues Alvarez. “Solaria’s goal has always been to develop a no-compromise panel that offers excellent aesthetics, performance, and reliability. I’m proud of our team for leveraging their decades of experience to develop the finest solar panels available on the market today.”

“Solaria earns our highest recommendation, hands down,” said Jim Gitas, vice president of Your Energy Solutions, a solar installer in Northern California. “Solaria has superior panel aesthetics and fundamentally better solar cell architecture. Solaria is one of the very few private U.S.-based solar companies. Discerning homeowners want the best, and our team and our customers alike select Solaria panels above all others. Solaria delivers with solid performance and reliability.” 

Leveraging Solaria’s patented cell design, panel architecture and assembly techniques, Solaria PowerXT panels significantly boost power generation. High power density allows solar installers to maximize power and energy yield on customer roofs, while providing an architectural finish.

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