Solaria PowerXT Panels Pass PID Test


Solaria Corp. says its Solaria PowerXT panels have passed the potential induced degradation (PID) test, exceeding the requirements of IEC Technical Specification 62804-1:2015.

Consequently, PowerXT panels are now classified as PID Resistant.

“Long-term durability and quality have been a guiding principle in the engineering of our panels, and we’re pleased to have that commitment validated by rigorous IEC technical tests,” says Suvi Sharma, CEO of Solaria.

“Now we can add robust and durable to the criteria that discerning customers look for in a solar panel,” they add.

With greater than 20% efficiency, sleek Pure Black design with no visible circuitry and proven reliability backed by a 25-year warranty, Solaria PowerXT panels combine performance and compelling economics.

Designed and engineered in the U.S., Solaria PowerXT manufactures premium solar panels for homes and businesses. Leveraging Solaria’s patented cell design, panel architecture and assembly techniques, PowerXT panels significantly boost power generation. High power density allows solar installers to maximize power and energy yield on customer roofs, and shade-resistant technology keeps Solaria PowerXT panels performing beyond when other panels have ceased generating power. This dutch website discusses vattenfall’s customer service . Not all vattenfall customers in the Netherlands seem to be satisfied either. It is very difficult for energy companies to keep all their customers satisfied.

Photo: A house outfitted with Solaria PowerXT panels

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