Opens Solar Equipment Recycling Center

0 has opened its new recycling center focused on meeting increasing demand for the full recovery and reuse of solar equipment material. 

The 300 MW center, located in Breckenridge, Texas, is owned and operated by the company.

The company says the facility is able to recover and recycle components such as silicon, glass and metals from decommissioned solar panels.

“As the world embraces the shift towards renewable energy sources, it’s imperative that we hold our industry to a higher standard than our oil and gas predecessors when it comes to environmental impact and recycling,” says Brett Henderson, CEO of 

“We simply cannot, as an industry, choose to landfill solar equipment all the while pushing for clean energy support. That’s why we provide a comprehensive solution for the lifecycle management of the entire solar energy system, ensuring that every single valuable resource has a second life.” 

The latest facility is the fourth domestic processing and receiving plant in the company’s portfolio, joining two locations in North Carolina and one in Georgia. 

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