SPP, Cupertino Electric Pursuing 1 MW Project In Palo Alto


Swiss healthcare group Roche Palo Alto has submitted an application to Palo Alto, Calif.'s utilities department for the largest solar power system ever to be installed within the city's limits.

Developed and operated by Solar Power Partners (SPP), the 112,000 square-foot photovoltaic system will be mounted on the rooftops of several buildings on the Roche Palo Alto campus and will generate an estimated 1 MW of power.

The project was launched through the combined efforts of three partners: the City of Palo Alto, SPP and Cupertino Electric. The City of Palo Alto will provide an estimated $2,24 million performance-based rebate, with payments made to SPP over five years. The system will be built by Cupertino Electric and owned and maintained by SPP.


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