Startup Awarded Funding to Support PV Tech for Commercial Windows


NEXT Energy Technologies Inc. says it has received $3 million in funding under the California Energy Commission’s Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production for Clean Energy Technologies (RAMP) program, to be applied toward NEXT’s development of a proprietary transparent photovoltaic coating for commercial windows.

The specific purpose of NEXT’s agreement is to fund the scale-up of a low-rate initial production line for the assembly of solution-processed organic photovoltaics on architectural window glass into window-PV modules that are ready for integration into commercial insulated glass units.

“We’re honored to receive the RAMP grant award,” says Daniel Emmett, CEO and co-founder of NEXT. “The funding provided is vital to startups like ours that are focusing on manufacturing at the next level. Our goal is to help commercial buildings achieve net-zero energy and reduce their carbon footprint, and we are working with innovative partners to demonstrate how this technology can grow in the future.”

NEXT says the grant will enable the company to accelerate its development and commercialization.

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