Sunport Power Launches High-Efficiency MWT PV Modules


Sunport Power, a solar module manufacturer, has launched the second-generation high-efficiency MWT C series and D series modules. 

Using patented metal wrap through (MWT) technology, Sunport’s classic C6-II and full black D6-II modules offer higher power and greater flexibility of application.

The second-generation C6-II and D6-II solar panels feature multiple upgrades alongside an increased power output up to 375 W. The MWT technology abandons traditional solder ribbon design and creates conductive back-sheet interconnection structure, which can avoid soldering stress and micro-cracks of cells to boost long-term reliability. 

The back-contact design ensures a stable connection of cells regardless of distance and placement. Benefiting from further optimized module layout design and half-cut cells, 40 W of extra power output has been added to the second-generation products.

“With our goals for sustainable development, Sunport Power has been pioneering the development of our MWT-based modules, which offer a significant advantage over standard photovoltaic module designs in terms of both performance and durability,” says Martin Green, chief scientist at Sunport Power.

“Our company will continue to focus on product R&D based on this technology, creating new and innovative solar solutions for the global market,” he adds.

Given the tremendous success of the first generation of D-Series modules, Sunport is anticipating considerable interest for its new generation products in Europe, Japan and Australia. Through an increasing focus on MWT technology, Sunport is making a meaningful impact in the switch to efficient green energy, notes the company.

Photo: Sunport’s second-generation high-efficiency MWT C series and D series modules

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