SunPower Taking Residential Installation Program into New Markets


As demand for solar increases across the country, SunPower, a solar technology and energy services provider, has unveiled plans to expand its SunPower Residential Installation (SPRI) program this year. SunPower plans to launch SPRI presence in seven new markets across six states by the end of Q2.

SPRI enables local companies and entrepreneurs to create or expand their solar energy companies without the complex and asset-heavy roles often associated with a traditional solar dealer business. With SPRI, sales organizations and small businesses can focus on marketing and selling solar while SunPower manages the entire process of rooftop installation, maintenance and repair, customer service and warranty. This structure lowers the barrier-to-entry for those that want to enter the fast-growing renewable energy sector, provides new channels for SunPower to meet the demand of its rapidly growing customer base and gives homeowners more options when buying solar.

Organizations that work with SPRI are part of SunPower’s Non-Installing Dealer network. Non-Installing Dealers get access to SunPower’s platform to market, present, design and sell SunPower systems to homeowners. SunPower’s turnkey software enables non-installing dealers to customize each project from panel placement to financing options.

“With SPRI we are increasing the size of the solar category by enabling entrepreneurs to create sales and marketing-focused solar businesses,” says Tony Garzolini, vice president of sales at SunPower. “Our strong installing dealer network continues to be the foundation we rely on but you no longer have to own construction equipment and manage a customer support team to be a part of this incredibly exciting industry.”  

For a list of all SPRI locations, or for more information about becoming a SunPower installer, click here.

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Dale N Bickenbach
Dale N Bickenbach
2 years ago

Unfortunate SunPower will only sell their systems and not the panels alone. Their lack of profitability must be due to their management and business model as their panels have for decades been known to be very efficient. I bought other panels, and they work fine. SunPower is good with hype. Poor with the business of increasing solar energy use.