The Poulek Solar Co. Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Concentrator


The Poulek Solar Co. has developed its new Super TRAXLE 5X concentrator, designed to optimize the trade-off between photovoltaic energy gain and temperature.

According to the company, the high-temperature, ultra-clear encapsulant is able to withstand UV radiation and temperatures up to 200 degrees C. The monocrystalline silicon bifacial concentrator solar panels are designed to maximize energy gain of the concentrator. Also, innovative passive cooling technology helps keep PV panel temperatures below 100 degrees C on sunny summer days.

The Poulek Solar Co. estimates that the price, including the tracker, concentrator, support structure and bifacial panels, is about 2 EUR/W. The new concentrator will be ready for commercial projects during the first quarter of 2009.

The Poulek Solar Co.: 603 342 719;

SOURCE: The Poulek Solar Co.

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