Tigo Adds Two Optimizers To TS4 Platform


Tigo has announced the second worldwide release of its next generation of solar optimizers featuring UHD-Core (Ultra-High Definition) technology: TS4-M (Monitoring) and TS4-S (Safety).

The Silicon Valley company says its UHD-Core TS4-M is a cost-efficient module-level power electronics (MLPE) monitoring device that provides a high sampling rate. The TS4-S adds to TS4-M’s functionality by providing module-level deactivation capabilities. The new solutions will join Tigo’s existing UHD-Core optimizers, TS4-L (Long Strings) and TS4-O (Optimization), announced last March. This release completes Tigo’s TS4 platform featuring an enhanced design architecture and component rating, according to the company.

Tigo says its TS4 optimizers with UHD-Core technology support more module types for three reasons. First, the maximum input voltage at standard testing conditions has improved to 90 V, which allows for compatibility of modules with up to 96 cells. Second, the maximum input current has increased to 12 A, which the company says enables the use of the high-efficiency and bifacial modules. Third, the company says the power capacity has upgraded to 475 W to support some of the most powerful modules.

Tigo’s TS4-M and TS4-S are shipping immediately, and the optimizers are available as integrated and retrofit/add-on solutions.

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