Trina Solar Announces Four New Series Of Modules


Trina Solar has announced four new series of modules designed to meet the diversified needs of PV applications.

The maximal output of the modules is 415 W. The four new models include Honey, TALLMAX in high-efficiency series, DUOMAX in dual-glass series, DUOMAX Twin in double-side series and Honey black M in aesthetics series.

According to Trina Solar, an increase in the output of the modules from 370 W to 415 W will help reduce the balance-of-system cost by 4.5% to 8.5% and reduce the levelized cost of electricity by 2.5% to 4.6%.

The new modules deliver MBB, dual-glass, dual-side and half-cut technologies. The dual-glass series features high reliability in extreme conditions, a five-year extended warranty for linear power, and more power generation with lower power degradation. The double-side series provides an extra 5% to 30% power generation by its back side and offers high power generation in snowfields and sandy locations, among other high-reflection environments. The aesthetics series is designed for the high-end residential market with its “aesthetically designed” black-out look, says Trina Solar.

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