Unirac Lab To Simulate Real-World PV Installations


Unirac Inc. has formed Unirac Labs, a two-phased approach to bringing photovoltaic mounting technology to market. Phase 1, which starts this week, features Unirac's new on-site wind tunnel testing lab – the first of its kind introduced by a solar mounting company in North America. Phase 2 will be the launch of Unirac's new R&D and product testing facility.

The wind tunnel testing lab will allow Unirac to perform in-house testing on its mounting solutions, resulting in lowered costs and faster time-to-market on new products, the company says.

The wind tunnel is equipped with a variable-speed drive, enabling it to reach speeds of 130 mph and measure various wind loading conditions. This will allow Unirac to simulate PV installations for most of the U.S. and optimize strength and weight ratios to meet the multitude of mounting requirements.

SOURCE: Unirac

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