Vermont Utility Installs Tesla Powerwalls For Customers


Vermont-based utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) has begun installing the Tesla Powerwall home battery for its customers.

GMP explains that the Tesla technology can be paired with small-scale solar, such as rooftop panels, to store locally generated energy, or it can be used without solar as a battery to store power from the grid. During a storm or emergency, the battery is able to power essential parts of the home, including lights, a refrigerator and a furnace, for several hours. Customers can also leverage time-of-use rates to charge and discharge the battery at times that will save them money.

GMP adds it is partnering with customers to maximize the Powerwall’s full potential for both parties, as they will use the batteries during peak energy times – e.g., hot summer days – to directly lower costs for customers by reducing transmission and capacity costs.

“The Tesla Powerwall is a game changer in terms of power storage and a big step forward for customers and for GMP as we transform the way we generate and use energy,” states GMP President and CEO Mary Powell. “This is all about delivering on what our customers need to move away from the antiquated, bulk power system to one that is cleaner and more reliable, where we generate power closer to where it’s used.”

GMP made its first Powerwall installation at the home of utility customer Troy Turner.

“This is a great investment for our family to increase reliability and lessen the impact of outages,” says Turner. “We really believe this is the future of energy and are very excited to be a small part of the revolution.”

GMP explains customers can lease a Powerwall for about $37.50 a month with no upfront cost. They can also choose to partner with GMP to purchase the Powerwall and, with shared access, will receive a monthly bill credit of $31.76. Both options represent the value of leveraging the battery to help lower peak energy costs, according to the utility.

“GMP is turning the old utility model on its head and offering products and services to help Vermonters use more locally produced energy so that one day we’ll rely on the grid as a backup system,” concludes Powell.

GMP has 500 Powerwall home batteries available at this time and expects to get more to meet customer demand.

Photo courtesy of GMP: Turner and Powell stand next to the utility’s first home installation of the Tesla Powerwall.

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