Worksport, Thermal Technology Services Canada Testing Solar Panel Efficiency


Worksport Ltd., a manufacturer of tonneau/truck bed covers for light-duty trucks, has engaged Thermal Technology Services Canada to test the company’s TerraVis solar panel technology to increase its efficiency.

The tests were launched as Worksport recently made its first public disclosure about TerraVis, the very first solar-powered advanced folding truck bed tonneau cover system to be a fusion of solar power, storage and delivery. The platform takes advantage of a standard pick-up truck’s practical capabilities, while also utilizing the power of more sustainable and renewable energy. Proprietary, high-efficiency solar panels built into the rugged tonneau cover – the likes of which Worksport has become widely known for – will collect the sun’s rays and store energy in multiple battery banks.

“Worksport’s preliminary engagement with Thermal Technology is to see if we could increase the efficiency and conductivity of the metals used in our panels,” says Steve Rossi, CEO of Worksport. “The first results were very encouraging. We are pleased to report an increase in efficiency of about 2%. That can mean a lot over the long-term and is a competitive advantage.”

Thermal Technology’s temperature modulation enhances various metals’ performance, therefore strengthening zinc, silver and copper, components of Worksport’s TerraVis, by realigning their molecular structure. With the modulation, they become stronger and significantly longer lasting. However, it is believed that the increase in solar efficiency has been witnessed as a result of temperature modulation’s positive effects on silicon solar cells.

Worksport also intends to pursue testing the metal components and hardware of TerraVis solar panels to achieve greater strength and integrity. It will continue to collaborate with Thermal Technology and engage in further testing and product development.

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