XeroCoat Enters Market With Solar Anti-Reflective Coating


Silicon Valley-based company XeroCoat Inc. has entered the solar energy market with a high-performing anti-reflective coating to increase conversion efficiencies and the power output of solar systems.

With the XeroCoat anti-reflective coating on a photovoltaic module, the solar energy reaching the solar cells is increased by as much as 3% at noon and by as much as 6% at early morning and evening hours, the company says. This means that solar module makers can expect a 3% increase in power output on a peak watt basis and a 4% increase in energy produced on a kilowatt-hour basis.

‘The XeroCoat anti-reflective coating offers a very simple and cost-effective way to get the most power out of the sun,’ says Tom Hood, CEO and president of XeroCoat. ‘In addition, our ability to partner with solar energy systems manufacturers and glass suppliers allows for great flexibility to control costs and logistics in the supply chain.’

XeroCoat: (650) 362-6306

SOURCE: XeroCoat

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