APsystems’ APsmart RSD, SMA Inverters PVSRE Compliant


APsystems, a global multi-platform MLPE solution provider, has welcomed SMA to its growing network of inverter manufacturers compatible with its APsmart brand of Sunspec standard-compliant photovoltaic rapid shutdown equipment (PVRSE). 

Solar professionals in the U.S. can now combine the complete range of SunSpec Rapid Shutdown-certified SMA inverters with a reliable APsmart Rapid Shutdown solution. Available throughout APsmart U.S. distribution partner networks, the APsmart RSD has been certified by CSA to meet the UL 1741 standard for electrical safety and is fully compliant with the National Electric Code (NEC) 2014, 2017 and 2020 690.12 Rapid Shutdown Requirements.

“We are proud to have SMA, one of the most respected and recognized brands in the industry, join our list of inverter manufacturing partners using the APsmart RSD with their products,” says Olivier Jacques, business unit president and global executive vice president at APsystems.

Already compatible with leading inverter manufacturers including Chint, CSI, Delta, Fronius, GoodWe, Growatt, Solectria and Solis, the APsmart RSD comes with a 25-year warranty – tens of thousands of units have already been installed around the world since its launch last year.

As a result of intensive testing and cooperation from both SMA and APsystems, the approved Rapid Shutdown solution will now be available to customers through the APsmart distribution channel.

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