Array Technologies, Shoals Technologies Group To Enhance BOS Solar Solutions


Solar tracking company Array Technologies and solar electrical balance of systems (BOS) provider Shoals Technologies Group have announced plans to collaborate on structural and electrical BOS solutions for utility-scale solar.

According to Array Technologies, this relationship will leverage the complementary nature of Array’s trackers and Shoals’ electrical BOS solutions and will result in improved performance and stronger economics for both project developers and asset owners and higher efficiencies for engineering, procurement and construction companies.

“Array is thrilled about working with Shoals. Together, as BOS leaders in the market, we are in a unique position to innovate and advance unrivaled, integrated system solutions. We see tremendous opportunity to bring cost-effective, optimized and reliable collaborative offerings to the market. Our customers will greatly benefit from a new standard of seamless balance of system solutions,” says Ron Corio, founder and CEO of Array Technologies.

Dean Solon, founder and CEO of Shoals, adds, “Shoals has been designing electrical BOS for the Array tracker for years, and we are looking forward to a fresh approach on system integration with Ron and the Array team. The synergy between our two companies is unprecedented. We have no doubt that the collaborative effort of our two teams will result in a BOS solution that will offer efficiencies never before seen in the solar market. We are excited to be able to participate in this arena and look forward to offering these electrical BOS solutions to current and future customers.”

Both Array Technologies and Shoals are attending the Intersolar North America exhibition and conference in San Francisco. Array’s DuraTrack HZ v3 solar tracker will be on display at both the Shoals and the Array Technologies exhibition booths.

Photo courtesy of Array Technologies

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