Azure Power Brings in Ecoppia for PV Cleaning Robotic Solutions for Hybrid Project


Ecoppia, a robotic cleaning solutions company for photovoltaic solar, has picked up its first hybrid project of 400 MW with Azure Power. This complex project includes two types of installations – fixed tilt and single-axis trackers (SAT) – along with challenging terrains and varied structures.

The robotics’ deployment, expected to commence the first half of 2022, will feature Ecoppia’s full product suit – E4, T4 and Ecoppia H4 – powered by the patented Helix Technology. Using safe microfibers and controlled airflow, the H4 channels dust and dirt particles downwards without accumulating them by simply moving horizontally while cleaning vertically.

“When Ecoppia was founded eight years ago, we had one simple goal in mind: to allow scalability and enhance profitability for large solar sites around the world,” says Jean Scemama, CEO of Ecoppia. “With this project, Ecoppia solidifies its ability to do so, offering Azure Power a wide spectrum of autonomous robotic solutions, supporting their expanding efforts. We believe that with Ecoppia’s newest product, the H4, joining the Ecoppia portfolio, energy companies will be able to achieve faster ROI while safeguarding their assets.”

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