Belectric Floating Solar System Deploys Tigo Energy Technology


Belectric Israel Ltd., a solar engineering, installation and service provider, has deployed technology by Tigo Energy Inc. on one of the largest floating photovoltaic systems in the region.

Designed, purchased and constructed by Belectric, the 19.3 MW floating PV system was outfitted with Tigo Energy TS4-A-2F MLPE devices for rapid shutdown, as well as Tigo RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal for large and complex commercial and industrial solar systems. Producing enough energy to power approximately 3,300 houses, the system is constructed over an active fish farm.

“The components were relatively simple to integrate into our design and plans for execution, and the quality of the service gave us the confidence we needed to ensure that our operations and maintenance teams can do their work safely,” says Anna Velikansky, CEO at Belectric Israel Ltd.

Built on patented advanced rapid shutdown technology, Tigo RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology pair with an industry-leading list of third-party solar inverters, deliver a new level of design and installation flexibility for solar installers and EPCs and enable significant reductions in the balance of system and labor costs.

“The continued growth of solar energy in Israel and globally requires comprehensive and flexible systems that installers can deploy with confidence and ease, even when those systems float on top of agricultural reservoirs,” says Gal Bauer, senior director of validation and general manager at Tigo Energy in Israel.

“The success of this FPV system demonstrates once again what is possible for solar,” she adds, “and we look forward to continuing to support Belectric as a leader in the commercial and utility solar space.”

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