Community Solar Project Proposed In Kentucky


Louisville Gas and Electric Co. (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Co. (KU), part of the PPL Corp. family of companies, have requested permission from the Kentucky Public Service Commission to develop a community solar facility in Shelby County, Ky.

If approved, the subscription-based Solar Share Program would include constructing a regional facility for the utilities’ residential, business and industrial customers interested in sharing in local solar energy and receiving solar energy credits generated from the facility.

The site, along Interstate 64 in the KU service territory near LG&E, is large enough to accommodate a 4 MW solar field. However, the Solar Share project will be built in 500 kW sections based on customer interest. Construction will begin once a 500 kW section is 100% subscribed. Likewise, construction on the next section and those following will require 100% subscription before each section is built. To participate in Solar Share, customers will be able to subscribe on a first-come, first-served basis to 250 W increments of solar.

The utilities say this type of program is ideal for customers who want solar power but are unable to install it on their own property or would prefer to avoid the costs and maintenance required for a private system. It’s especially appealing for renters, those with properties predominantly in the shade and those who have deed restrictions.

The cost of the program would include an initial, non-refundable subscription fee of $40, as well as a monthly fee of $6.29, per 250 W increment. For example, a customer who subscribes to two increments of solar would pay an initial subscription fee of $80 and a monthly fee of $12.58. Customers would then receive a credit on their monthly bill for the solar energy generated based on their subscription.

While the project must receive KPSC approval to proceed, LG&E and KU will maintain a list of customers who express interest in the future Solar Share Program.

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