Companies Collaborate on Launching Four Maine Solar Projects


Nautilus Solar Energy LLC and TurningPoint Energy are working on four community solar projects in Maine, totaling 25.5 MW DC of solar capacity.

The projects, located in Somerset, Kennebec, Androscoggin and Knox Counties, are in the late stages of development, with construction started in Q2 2021. When fully operational, the projects are expected to generate approximately 25 million kWh annually, contributing to Maine’s goals of providing economic growth, workforce opportunities, and 80% clean energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

These projects are developed by TurningPoint Energy as part of Maine’s Net Energy Billing program. Nautilus is the long-term owner of the projects and responsible for overseeing construction, maintaining its long-term performance, and acquiring and managing customer subscriptions. Any residential Central Maine Power utility customer is eligible to join one of the projects through Nautilus with no upfront cost, no long-term commitment and no cancellation fees.

This is the second transaction between Nautilus Solar and TurningPoint Energy.

“This is TurningPoint Energy’s first demonstration of coming through on our commitment to invest in Maine’s community solar market we made in 2019, and we’re thankful to continue to work in strategic partnership with Nautilus Solar to make good on this commitment,” says Jared Schoch, president of TurningPoint Energy.

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