Contec Completes Solar Installation at Global Headquarters


Contec Inc., a global manufacturer of contamination control products for cleaning in manufacturing environments, has partnered with Pisgah Energy and Southern Current to design, develop and install a roof- and ground-mounted solar project at its headquarters in Spartanburg, S.C. The two systems, totaling 625.5 kW DC, serve as on-site electrical generation for Contec, expanding their efforts to manufacture their goods with renewable energy. 

Contec headquarters now hoasts a total of 1668 solar panels that will supply power to the facility. This net-metered system will produce an estimated 944,600 kWh and offset Contec’s electricity usage by 53%.

“We are thrilled to complete this installation,” says Jack McBride, CEO of Contec. “We take our responsibility to our community and our planet seriously, and this is a key part of our broader, ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Pisgah Energy was the lead developer and worked in collaboration with Charleston, S.C.- based Southern Current to provide construction services for the project. Southern Current, a solar developer and EPC, installed the project utilizing REC 370 solar modules on both the ground- and roof-mounted systems. 

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