Cypress Creek Integrates Raptor Solar into Portfolio Analytics


Cypress Creek Renewables will be using Raptor Solar, the new analytics and insights platform from Raptor Maps. The software solution standardizes data, analyzes findings and lifts productivity, which will enable Cypress Creek to maximize power output and returns from their extensive 3.9 GW portfolio of over 300 company-owned and third-party-managed sites in 19 states.

Raptor Maps has for about a half decade provided Cypress Creek with photovoltaic (PV) module inspections. It creates digital twins of Cypress Creek’s solar arrays, offering a bird’s-eye view of portfolios, enabling a host of associated features that allow them to optimize performance. 

“We’re excited that Raptor Solar allows us to digitize portfolios, make data-informed decisions and enable a new phase of growth for Cypress Creek and our clients,” says Jared Kirk, vice president of operations and maintenance at Cypress Creek Renewables.  “Output from the software allows us to be more proactive in decision making with a higher degree of confidence. Raptor Solar’s productivity tools free up our time to focus on the overall efficiency and returns of our portfolio and those we manage for third parties.”

Unlimited inspection reports that are standard with Raptor Solar – including digitization of historical and third-party reports – allow Cypress Creek to inspect sites more frequently and in greater detail, gaining a continuous understanding of assets, including detailed and accurate comparisons over time.

The Raptor Maps data model also integrates information from supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and data acquisition systems (DAS), such as irradiance data. This enables more sophisticated degradation analysis using normalized temperature deltas, which can strengthen warranty claims.

“Our digital twins incorporate geospatial and electrical relationships to create a standardized data model across the entire Cypress Creek fleet,” remarks Nikhil Vadhavkar, CEO and co-founder of Raptor Maps.  “Enterprises need to be able to click on a module in a fully populated digital twin, see factory performance data, trace the shipping container it arrived on, the moment the equipment was verified as installed, the inverter it is connected to, the performance of that inverter, current or historical issues with that module and the financial implications of O&M decisions. Cypress Creek recognizes that scalable software infrastructure is crucial to manage these 25+ year assets and we are proud to support their digitization efforts.”

“We’ve tested Raptor Maps’ insights platform and found its data and learnings to be reliable, practical and very actionable.  With a digital model of our solar portfolio and the features associated with it, we save time in the field and improve our productivity and competitiveness,” says Mitchell DuRant, Reliability Engineering Program Manager at Cypress Creek.  “The app also makes it easy when in the field to navigate to panels associated with anomalies, store geo-tagged photos and site notes and keep a record of maintenance histories.”

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