Direct Solar of America Signs Agreement with Soligent Distribution


SinglePoint Inc. says the company’s solar subsidiary, Direct Solar of America, has signed an agreement with Soligent Distribution LLC. The agreement provides Direct Solar of America the ability to sell, finance and supply contractors with project materials directly.

“The effect of this agreement changes the entire dynamics for the company,” says Pablo Diaz, CEO of Direct Solar of America. “We will now be able to streamline our project flow from inception to completion and recognize an additional 50% or more revenue derived from projects, as we will be selling the materials and financing as well. We are excited to work with Soligent and their plethora of contacts and subsidiaries in the industry.”

Soligent Distribution is one of the largest pure-play solar distributors in the Americas, supplying thousands of solar installers and contractors with solar energy equipment, engineering services and project financing solutions.

For more information about Soligent Distribution, click here.

Photo: Direct Solar of America’s landing page

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