Duke Energy Installs One-Millionth Solar Panel in Florida


Duke Energy Florida says it has installed its one-millionth solar panel in the state at the company’s Columbia Solar Power Plant in Fort White, Fla.

Duke Energy Florida plans to install a significant amount of additional solar energy across the state over the next 10 years.

The company will have a total of almost 515 MW of solar under construction or operating by mid-2020. The company is investing an estimated $1 billion to construct or acquire a total of 700 MW of solar power facilities from 2018 through 2022 in Florida. Duke Energy Florida is projecting to more than double its solar investments and plans to potentially install more than 1,500 MW of solar generation by 2028.

The 74.5 MW DeBary Solar Power Plant is under construction in Volusia County and will have 300,000 solar panels. It will be complete in the second quarter of 2020.  

The Twin Rivers Solar Power Plant will be built on 460 acres in Hamilton County. Once operational, the 74.9 MW facility will consist of approximately 235,000 tracking solar panels.

Over the next decade, the company will continue to make innovative and targeted investments in additional solar power plants, battery storage technology, shared solar, transportation electrification and a modernized power grid to help meet customers’ needs for diverse, reliable energy solutions, notes the company.

Photo: Duke Energy Florida installs its 1,000,000th solar panel in the state

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