Enel X Way, Sunrun Partner on EV Home Charging Stations Utilizing Solar Power


Enel X Way, the Enel Group’s global e-mobility business, has partnered with Sunrun, a home solar, battery storage and clean energy service provider, to supply smart Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for the company’s recently launched EV charger offering. The new co-branded home EV chargers expand Sunrun’s suite of energy management solutions.

“With one-third of Enel X Way EV charger owners using solar to power their homes, there’s no denying the strong correlation between solar adopters and EV owners,” says Chris Baker, head of Enel X Way North America. “Not only does this partnership mark a pivotal convergence between two adjacent industries, the ability to combine efforts and use solar energy to power charging also furthers our progress toward national decarbonization targets. We’re honored to partner with Sunrun to offer an affordable, smart EV charging solution for climate-conscious customers.”

Enel X Way’s Level 2 EV chargers, which can be grid-connected, work seamlessly with Sunrun’s home solar solutions, enabling customers to charge their vehicles at home using solar energy.

“Home solar and EVs are the perfect match,” states Mary Powell, CEO of Sunrun. “EV owners want to charge their vehicles with a more cost effective, clean, and reliable energy source – saving money and time with home charging convenience. By combining Enel X Way’s EV charging expertise and Sunrun’s ability to right-size home solar systems, we’re helping prepare customers for a carbon-free energy future.”

The co-branded EV charging stations are available in select markets, including California, New Jersey and Vermont, and are expected to be available nationwide by the beginning of 2023. The smart home EV chargers will be sold as an optional add-on for bundling with a Sunrun home solar-plus-battery system.

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