Engineered Conductive Materials Debuts Ribbon Adhesive


Engineered Conductive Materials LLC (ECM), a supplier of conductive interconnect materials for photovoltaic applications, has launched the DB-1538-2 conductive stringer attach adhesive, which is designed for use in thin-film, organic and certain silicon solar modules.

The product is available as a one- or two-part adhesive. Companies that want to save money on dry ice shipments and -40 degree C storage of one-part systems can meter-mix the two-part DB-1538-2, which has a 100 to 20 mix ratio by volume, the company says.

The DB-1538-2 features low bleed on transparent conductive oxides while maintaining optimized rheology for dispensing, and excellent damp heat resistance and conductivity stability on tin, tin-silver and silver-plated ribbons, the company adds. It absorbs stress to withstand thermal cycling from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C as required for IEC certification.

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